Body Confidence

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Project Description

Body language is so powerful that it can either bolster or undermine the overall impact of a message.  To harness the power of body language, you have to understand how it works – and how you can make it work for you.

How would you like to be able to interpret others’ body language more accurately?  How helpful would it be for you, your managers and/or staff to understand the impact of their body language, both on themselves and on others?

Typical situations where body language counts in business:

    • In internal meetings
    • In presentations
    • In meetings with clients
    • In interviews
    • In Appraisals and disciplinary meetings
    • In team meetings


Sample topics:

  • how the three aspects of “context, congruence and clusters” in body language work in numerous kinds of typical business situations
  • how posture and stance affect  thinking and confidence – as well as personal impact, authority and credibility
  • the impact of space-awareness in business situations
  • how to build rapport more easily and feel more at ease, and also help others feel at ease with you
  • common myths about body language (hint: just because someone’s arms are crossed it doesn’t necessarily mean they are feeling “defensive” towards you)
  • the effective and the ineffective aspects of your own nonverbal communication habits
  • signs to watch out for in other people’s body language
  • the best ways to get a conversation or business meeting back on track when you feel you are losing someone’s interest
  • the difference between matching and mirroring in body language, and how to do this well
  • insights into some typical body language do’s and don’ts in other countries around the world

Project Details