Personal Impact and Presentation Skills

Personal Impact and Presentation Skills 2019-08-21T16:24:41+00:00

It is common for delegates on our programmes to improve their personal impact in presentations by 30% to 70% when they apply the insights, tools and techniques gained.

What makes Rapporta presentation and impact training and coaching so successful?

1.  We do a thorough diagostic and agree the objectives beforehand

2.  We focus on real presentations to make it easy to transfer learning to the work environment.

3.  We use video coaching with feedback by expert trainers and coaches.  Video coaching is immediate, it is powerful and it works.  Our clients say that this is one of the most productive, helpful aspects of their training or coaching.

4.  We help each individual identify practical, personal strategies for developing his or her own individual style in order to achieve greater personal presence and impact.  Participants develop a greater awareness both of their strengths, and of specific and numerous (small yet important) ways that that they can improve for impact beginning immediately.

5.  Post-course assignments and interim assignments between sessions embed learning and help support and encourage participants to apply the insights, tools and techniques they have gained.

It is common for delegates on our programmes to improve their personal impact in presentations by 30% to 70% (*) when they apply the insights, tools and techniques gained.

* On the basis of specific points related to visual impact, clarity of messages, energy and engagement of the audience, vocal impact.  Each point is given a rating on a scale of 1-10.

 Typical outcomes and benefits of Rapporta training include:

  • increased visual and vocal impact
  • significantly more self-confidence
  • improved structure and clarity based on objectives and key messages
  • greater presence and authority
  • more ease with practicalities and handling the unexpected
  • increased ease with handling difficult situations and difficult situations with aplomb and confidence
  • meetings are more productive and objectives are met more often
  • audiences enjoy presentations, feel more involved and in rapport with the presenter
  • effective use of voice and body language
  • improved results and feedback from managers and colleagues
  • improved influencing and networking skills
  • it enhances leadership image

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