Pitch-Perfect Coaching and Training

Pitch-Perfect Coaching and Training 2019-04-12T11:57:13+00:00

As a senior business leader (or an aspiring one)  do you frequently find yourself:

  • pitching for business?
  • presenting an idea for buy-in from senior management (or colleagues)?
  • making whole function or even company-wide presentations as a Director or CEO?
  • Listening to presentations from staff members which could be much more impactful?

As a senior HR or L&D leader, do you find yourself looking for coaching for members of your sales or leadership team?

Making the right impact in presentations is one of the hallmarks of great leaders (and future-leaders).

Rapporta coaching clinics are highly specialised and tailored to the precise contexts of our clients.  We work on “live” or “typical” scenarios.  Using proven preparation, mindset and delivery tools and techniques, we cover every aspect of what it takes for you to become the best presenter you can be.

At the end of your coaching you will understand exactly how to create the impact you want – and how to avoid any personal, as well as general, pitfalls of presenting. You will not only understand the principles of success for presenting in general, but you will understand how they apply to you personally, in your context, related to your messages and audiences.

What our clients value the most from this development are:

  • Deeper understanding how to manage mindset and handle limiting thoughts
  • Significantly greater confidence
  • The ability to structure and deliver clear, concise messages
  • Insights into how to build their personal profile within different contexts
  • Understanding how to choose the right content (too much content can be just as bad as too little)
  • Greater understanding of how to use slides as visual aids (rather than thinking the slide deck itself as the presentation and acting as if they are only the voice-over)
  • Greater understanding and ability to manage their physical presence (body language, movement on stage, how to deal with objects on stage)
  • Confidence that they can handle anything that arises with aplomb – including “difficult questions” and “difficult people”.
  • Increased ability to use advanced questioning skills
  • Understanding of how they can fully develop and utilise influencing skills with integrity
  • Significantly greater self-awareness
  • Greater flexibility in communication to better relate to various contexts and audiences
  • Improved relationship-building, both across the business and externally
  • The importance of vocal impact and the language/phraseology used
  • Getting greater engagement as a result of all of this – with clients, prospective investors, senior leaders in the business, colleagues and even their own teams.
  • The insights gained from the video coaching – they usually start out with some trepidation, but to a man and a woman they all say it is one of the most powerful aspects of how we work with them.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, get in touch for an initial conversation and diagnostic by email to info@rapporta.com or call +44 (0) 208 788 7433.