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Rapporta & Associates


Launched in 2001, Rapporta Limited is based in London, UK and provides communication coaching services to businesses in the UK and Continental Europe. Rapporta’s team of communication trainers and coaches are well respected for their direct impact on business communication.Our practical approach, based on proven methodologies, produces real results for our clients by helping people communicate more effectively in all kinds of business contexts.We design and deliver customized training and coaching programmes, based on clients’ objectives and business strategy. Individual and group training programmes are designed to support client objectives and business strategies, based on proven methodologies. For senior executives, Rapporta offers tailored and confidential executive coaching to develop leadership impact.Rapporta’s training is carefully planned and designed to be interactive and enjoyable, as well as effective. These courses provide opportunities to apply techniques for noticeable and rapid improvement in the areas of focus.Rapporta was founded by international Communications Specialist and Coach, Mary-Louise Angoujard, with more than ten years experience in communications consultancy and Executive Coaching.