Derek Mills


Derek has spent the last decade as a leadership coach and mentor. He has also spent the last 5 years as a sought after professional speaker, speaking around the globe for organisations and large corporations. He has worked in the US, South Africa, Europe, India, Dubai, the Caribbean and the UK.

Whilst Derek has spent over 25 years as a professional in the financial services sector, both advising clients and coaching advisors, he has also shared his expertise in the care sector, with professional sportsmen and with project management specialists.

Derek’s coaching approach is based upon the principles of the DailyStandards™ philosophy and practices. This engages the individual and organisations to be authentic and to serve. This approach applies to individuals, executives, leaders or whole organisations because it enables innate capabilities to be revealed in an authentic and dynamic way. This has led to, in some circumstances a multiple increase in results whilst having happier and more engaged participants.

Derek specialises in helping organisations to become aware of their existing Standards of how they run their business. These are the basis, criteria, levels, qualities or rules that the organisations and leaders operate by, in the main completely unconsciously. He uses practical tools to draw out the DailyStandards™ that will actually serve an organisation and its customers in a much more effective and profitable way. Derek delivers his coaching and mentoring on a 1-2-1 or a 1-group basis, working with leaders, executives and sales professionals.

Derek’s philosophy, practices and guiding principles have become a metaphor for the ultimate turnaround story. Derek specialises in showing corporates and other organisations how to implement similar principles within their businesses.

Derek speaks at business and sales events and has been featured by the BBC, London Evening Standard, Daily Mail and the Million Dollar Round Table.