WholeBeing Communication Development for Optimal Leadership Effectiveness

WholeBeing Communication Development for Optimal Leadership Effectiveness 2018-10-20T12:34:09+00:00
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Ninety percent of leadership success is about effective communication. Think about it – whatever you think, do and say is a result of how you are communicating with yourself. This is then demonstrated and communicated to and discussed with different “audiences” – with the goal of educating, convincing, influencing, inspiring, leading, directing, engaging and motivating. The best leaders ensure that their Communication serves and upholds their purpose, values and goals – for others’ benefit, for their own and for their organisations.

The WholeBeing Communication model is a complete framework to further develop and enable leaders to communicate in a highly impactful, authentic and joined-up way that is congruent with their vision, purpose and objectives.  It takes six main areas of communication into account:

  1. Leader Being
  2. Mindset
  3. Message
  4. Vocal impact
  5. Visual Impact
  6. Audience

This is about taking Me, Us, and Others into consideration in a conscious, purposeful way – continually as we go about our days – whether one is an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, a manager, a project lead or any other kind of leader.

When and where do leaders have ideal, natural opportunities for Optimal WholeBeing Communication?

  • Board meetings
  • Strategy development sessions
  • Department updates
  • Round table discussions
  • Project meetings and updates related to all of the above
  • Meetings with external stakeholders
  • Walking around the office
  • Social media
  • Whenever leaders are thinking and planning for the above.


The WholeBeing Communicator doesn’t stand still, because business never stands still!   WholeBeing Communication is a continuous cycle, and doing it right requiring leaders to constantly challenge themselves to ensure their leadership communication remains clear, purposeful, relevant and effective.