WholeBeing Communication Model

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A large part of of leadership success is about effective communication, because leaders have numerous priorities to address in many different contexts and environments, coupled with the overriding responsibility to achieve the business objectives through people. The WholeBeing Communication model is a complete framework to further develop and enable leaders to communicate in a highly impactful, authentic and joined-up way that is congruent with their vision, purpose and objectives.

Rapporta coaching and training in leadership communication, presentation skills and influence directly addresses each individual’s specific, personal opportunities and challenges related to their confidence, their business objectives and their outcomes.

To ensure continually clear, purposeful, relevant and effective communication requires each leader to have a deep understanding and awareness of how he or she communicates at their best. The Rapporta approach is proven to support business leaders to achieve this by addressing every aspect – the Whole Being of a leader in communication.

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