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Empowering leaders to achieve their objectives with authentic impact,
aligned with their vision, purpose and business objectives.

Our Programmes

One-to-One Coaching

Coaching has become a valued and integral part of executive development and talent management. Rapporta coaching complements internal and external leadership development programmes.

Pitch-Perfect Coaching and Training

Making the right impact in presentations is one of the hallmarks of great leaders (and future-leaders).

Personal Impact and Presentation Skills

Great presentation skills are a huge asset to any manager or leader, and confer increased authority and influencing skills on the presenter.

Diversity & Women’s Leadership Skills

These programmes and coaching support diversity in organisations by helping them develop the confidence and leadership impact of their talented female executives.

Management and Leadership Development

“Communication is the real work of leadership,” says Harvard Business School professor Nitin Nohria. “Great leaders spend the bulk of their time communicating,…”

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Leading organisations we have worked with

Mary-Louise Interview for Learning Now TV

Nigel Paine of Learning Now TV interviews Mary-Louise Angoujard about her background, her work and her approach to leadership development. During the interview, Mary-Louise also discusses her new initiative “WholeBeing Communication.”

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