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Nigel Paine

I have known Mary-Louise Angoujard for over 5 years.  In that time I have come to know her professional capabilities extremely well.  As a former CLO of the BBC, I was responsible for purchasing millions of pounds of learning services and dealt with large numbers of suppliers. Mary-Louise is equal or better than the best I worked with.

She is one of the foremost experts in Women’s Leadership Development, in either a one to one coaching environment or running workshops and development sessions.

Her ideas are focussed, and embody the best practice that is currently available.  Her manner is pleasant but authoritative and she can successfully work with people ranging from the most senior executives to newly appointed junior leaders. People trust her, and seek her advice and guidance. I have no hesitation recommending Mary-Louise.

Nigel Paine
Managing Director of NigelPaine.com

David Clements

“I have renewed confidence and self-belief, and just as importantly, for the business, the adjustment to my personal style means people now listen to me, because they know our discussion will be important. It was clear, sensible coaching, delivered in a simple, motivational manner.”

David Clements
International Director of Marketing, Tesco

Therese Procter

Mary-Louise has worked with me and my team at Tesco for over 10 years and has been the inspiration around many programmes we run in the business, namely women in business and effective communications skills. She has a very warm and engaging style which allows our colleagues to relax, enjoy and learn in a very safe environment. She is an ambassador of her brand and has the unique and unrivalled ability of truly bringing out the best in all people she touches.

Mary-Louise has also coached senior executives with our business across the five sectors and markets we operate in – retail, distribution, telecom, dotcom and Tesco Bank. She has high integrity, intellect and a knowledge in her field that has set her apart from many other branded companies we have used.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mary-Louise to any business to support them with the communication and coaching needs of their colleagues – male or female.

Therese Procter
People Director, Tesco Bank

David Fairhurst

In a video testimonial, David Fairhurst of McDonalds, endorsed the bespoke Women’s Leadership Development programme designed and delivered by Rapporta.

David Fairhurst
Executive VP and Chief People Officer, McDonalds

Christine Nicholson

“The difference that working with Mary-Louise has made is quite dramatic.  I have since been in front of a camera AND stood up in front of a large audience to tell my story with much more confidence in being myself, to great feedback (someone tried to book me afterwards!).  I think about speaking and presenting very differently now and have since booked over 20 speaking gigs.  I highly recommend to anyone who wants to present, speak and generally “perform” with greater positive impact to spend time with Mary-Louise.”

Christine Nicholson, The Profit Fixer, Author, Coach and Mentor
The Profit Fixer, Author, Coach and Mentor

“I have more confidence in my own ability and I have developed my communication skills to help me become more effective within my role. With my new increased confidence I will make more of an impact and be a better role model.”

“The most pleasing aspect for me is that I have already witnessed a significant movement towards my objectives which has also been noted by others. Although the programme is over I will continue to challenge myself and bring to life my key learnings and also ensure that I challenge my Team in the same way.”

“Being on this women’s leadership skills programme has helped me gain some valuable insights into my own personal development. The coaching has helped me focus my development on key areas which will ensure I have more impact in meetings or engaging with the hierarchy. Having started the course being slightly apprehensive, 4 months on, I am much more confident and have set myself clear goals, which, by putting what I have learned in to practise, I know I will achieve.”

“By applying the models and practical learnings from the course I’ve been able to improve my effectiveness. I’ve learnt the importance and benefit of preparation as well as the impact of mind state, all of which have lead to me achieving better outcomes in my work.”

“The programme has given me greater confidence to step out of my comfort zone and to proactively take control of my career development. I plan to build on the relationships developed over the last few months, with other women on the programme. By continuing to share knowledge and experience across different disciplines, the company will benefit because I will be able to make better informed decisions and recommendations on the projects I work on.”

James Keel

“During the coaching I have become more self-aware of how I am perceived, I believe that I was aware prior to the coaching but I was not aware of the impact this had on others. I also believe that the opportunity to step back and reflect has been invaluable, in particular to be able to do this with a peer and an external coach.”

James Keel
Business Systems Manager (Group Ordering), Tesco Group

Julian Moss

“Mary-Louise has particularly helped me grow in self-confidence. I have learned to communicate more effectively with senior stakeholders, and to present key messages in a way that lands successfully. I am also actively sharing my experience with others in my team during coaching and development sessions.”

Julian Moss
Business Systems Manager, Tesco Group

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