Diversity and Women’s Leadership

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Rapporta’s women’s leadership development training and coaching help organisations meet their objectives for developing and promoting their female talent, and helps participants grow in confidence, communication impact and presence, which supports them in achieving their highest potential.
As part of the wider issue of Diversity & Inclusion, we design and deliver programmes that explore the impact of unconscious bias, how it can be minimised in the workplace, and how improved diversity and business performance can be achieved. These sessions are interactive, positive and engaging on this sensitive and important topic.


McDonald’s Restaurants

McDonald’s Restaurants UK & Europe began investing in a Women’s Leadership Development programme specifically to help achieve their objectives as part of a 5-year strategic plan. In 2008 David Fairhurst, HR Director commissioned Rapporta to both design and deliver the first Women’s Leadership Development Programme for McDonald’s UK & Europe. This programme delivered visible results and over the next 4 years, the original objective to have women in over 30% of senior management roles was surpassed.

In addition, elements of Rapporta’s women’s leadership programme were seen to be so relevant and valuable in the business that we were asked to create additional programmes which were tailored to other functions.

These programmes have been endorsed at the highest levels within McDonald’s UK & Europe.

Steve Easterbrook and David Fairhurst talk about Rapporta’s women’s leadership programme for McDonald's.



Sample elements of Rapporta Women’s Leadership Development
  • research the current culture - stabilisers, opportunities and barriers -related to women’s leadership
  • engagement with senior leaders to clarify goals and objectives
  • initial introductions and engagement with candidates and line managers
  • joint-design of programme and pre-course work with a focus on mindset, goal-setting, leadership impact, communication impact, executive presence and influencing in addition to client-specific topics
  • programme delivery – typically six days over 9 – 12 months
  • work-related assignments between sessions
  • implementation between sessions
  • telephone coaching as well as face-to-face coaching
  • feedback from line managers
  • reviewing, measuring and reporting results
  • measurement and formal reporting to the leadership team


Selected Testimonials

Sample participant feedback highlights the personal learning and value they gained from attending this programme:

“I have more confidence in my own ability and I have developed my communication skills to help me become more effective within my role. With my new increased confidence I will make more of an impact and be a better role model.”

“The most pleasing aspect for me is that I have already witnessed a significant movement towards my objectives which has also been noted by others. Although the programme is over I will continue to challenge myself and bring to life my key learnings and also ensure that I challenge my Team in the same way.”

“Being on this women’s leadership skills programme has helped me gain some valuable insights into my own personal development. The coaching has helped me focus my development on key areas which will ensure I have more impact in meetings or engaging with the hierarchy. Having started the course being slightly apprehensive, 4 months on, I am much more confident and have set myself clear goals, which, by putting what I have learned in to practise, I know I will achieve.”

“By applying the models and practical learnings from the course I’ve been able to improve my effectiveness. I’ve learnt the importance and benefit of preparation as well as the impact of mind state, all of which have lead to me achieving better outcomes in my work.”

“The programme has given me greater confidence to step out of my comfort zone and to proactively take control of my career development. I plan to build on the relationships developed over the last few months, with other women on the programme. By continuing to share knowledge and experience across different disciplines, the company will benefit because I will be able to make better informed decisions and recommendations on the projects I work on.”

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