How to excel in performance reviews when you work in banking

(First published in It’s the beginning of the year, and you’re ready to smash 2019. You may have had your performance review for last year already, or it may be coming in the next few weeks. If it’s the latter, you need to )work-it. I’ve worked in this industry for over two decades and I know how important performance reviews are. The executive coach Mary-Louise Angoujard, who works with bankers, has the following tips… Click here to read full article. […]

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How to Have a Great Performance Review

You know your Performance Review is coming up, and you want it to go well – so how do you prepare? In my experience of coaching so many people over the years, it helps to take the same kind of approach to a performance review as when preparing for an interview. A performance review is about your line manager being able to see how you have contributed to your organisation, understand how you lead and manage the performance of others, and believe in your potential for continued progression. It positions you in the right way to be considered for [...]

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